Saturday, January 15, 2022

How Great Thou Art 2022

Hey thanks for checking out my blog.

Today it feels like there has been some great progress, spiritually. I feel like, having done the Sunday morning music service at the Mansion Church since August of 2020, a spiritual walk has begun with Jesus Christ.


For me, I’m feeling a great deal of spiritual energy emitting from my thinking each day. I feel like a lot of this energy is surrounded by the topic of wishing to become a worship leader and ultimately just wanting to share more of my thoughts with the world.


I feel like, having been doing the Sunday morning music service that the time has come to really branch out a bit more and start promoting, advertising, and marketing my church. I’m feeling like there is so much joy surrounding what has been happening at the church that its difficult for me to continue without there being some type of expansion, socially or through the web.


So ultimately, this journal entry is about my desires and my wishes to be communicating more with those who are listening to the album, How Great Thou Art that has been on iTunes since February, 2021, and those who are attending the Sunday services, which contain remarkable messages and impeccable preaching. Preaching that really offers a service, preaching that really welcomes the listener in to a lifechanging journey, preaching that constantly checks in on the listener and asks if Jesus is really working in your life. To be someone who welcomes the preaching in and prepares the service to begin, I’ve really just become excited to take this all to the next level.


I’ve begun doing small messages on my own, with my iPhone. I’ve started recording myself learning scriptures, and I’ve really been praying more than I ever have in my entire life. I feel like all of this data is reaching a level where I really feel like it should be shared.


I feel like advertising, marketing, and promoting the Church is really something that I’m onto lately and I’m excited to really take this whole conversation of Sunday morning music services and more to the next level.


New conversations have also really begun to develop in my prayers as well as with others now for the first time through blogging.


I’ve noticed that when we have a personal relationship with Jesus,  we see all that he did when he walked on earth and we realize the way he spoke the truth to offer us eternal life and provide us with promises and reminders to pray and ask what we want as well as to love and care for one another and also to spread the holy word of God and to avoid sin. I feel like during my own personal walk with Jesus, I’ve really learned that He really has so much more to say. I’ve learned through my Christian class that He’s sitting at the right hand of the Father and he is excited to return. I think with How Great Thou Art being on iTunes that I’ve really been having feelings for the word of God lately and just simply realizing that Jesus has so much more to say to us.


Another conversation that has been on the forefront of my mind lately is how there is just simply so much more beyond this present moment. In 2 Corinthians 4:18, we’re reminded to keep our focus on what we can not see, rather than what we can see. It’s a reminder to walk in the spirit rather than the flesh. While walking in the spirit, we crucify the flesh with its passions and desires. Also by walking in the spirit, we walk more like Christ and therefore our joy remains full and we are really start to experience the promises that are offered in the word of God and ultimately we begin to experience a mixture of both happiness as well as sadness. Without getting to carried away, I’ve learned from messages as well as through the Christian class that began in the fall that God really has a plan for us and wants to take us on a journey. And that journey only begins when our focus on God begins.


I can’t sit here and tell you that I know for sure that there’s places that God wants to take us that are outside of the planet earth, but I can say, that as a believer in Christ, that God can speak through us, answer our prayers, and communicate with us on new levels everyday. It is my belief that God is trying to communicate with us. I believe that God does want to take our spirits on journeys that exceed what we’re experiencing here on earth. Where levels of oxygen are different. Where the human body no longer exists but where our spiritual walk with God is the man focus. I’ve learned through scriptures that God wants nothing more than to communicate with us one and one when our journeys on earth are done. It kind of reminds me of that hymn, When the Roll is Called up Yonder. So to wrap up this journal entry, I’m really excited to hear what Jesus has to say next. I know he’s ready to return and to speak his next words. The words he spoke here on earth are in Red Letters in the bible and they are very powerful. I believe his next words will be even more powerful and I think the more we focus on God and pray to God, the sooner this miraculous event will occur.

This blog post is also about the incredible journey I believe God wants to take us all on. I know that on that incredible day (for me June of 2017), when we surrender our lives Jesus Christ and give it all over, he starts to walk in our place, and speak through us, and I’ve simply learned that there is so much more out there and so much that he wants to let us in on. I’ve learned that when we do give our lives over to the Lord and Savior, that the kingdom of heaven begins, and our burdens are handed over. He walks in our place and begins to communicate with us and teach us all things through his holy spirit in ways we never could have even thought possible.


This blog post is also about me just wanting to keep in touch with those who attend the Mansion Church and those who have tuned in to listen to How Great Thou Art and just keep them updated with what’s going on when it comes to this spiritual walk with Jesus Christ. I’ve learned through scripture that the spiritual walk is eternal. So for me, to start to get to these new places in my walk with Christ, I think keeping in touch and having something to offer people is important. I’ve most definitely wanted to start up the sale of some merch items lately. I’ve been drawing some ideas out on paper as far as selling How Great Thou Art t shirts, hats, bracelets, and more… journals, songbooks, physical cd’s and more. If anyone has any connections or ideas to helping this idea to be a success, please feel free to let me know.

Before I go, I most definitely want to leave the statement that I do ask that anyone reaches out to me. If you need prayer, if you want to talk about some of the topics brought up in this post, or if you have any ideas or suggestions on how to get this ball rolling. I’m really excited to take this to the next level, but I’ve learned how important it is to keep our thoughts and focus on our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. All to God, and the rest will follow. It is most definitely God, whom my focus is on and it is simply my wish and prayer that everyone is doing well and that everyone’s spiritual walk is going according to plan and that you’re all in routines where you’re building fruit and where you’re able to live productive lives and to be supportive to your community. Please feel free to reach out if you’d like to chat…



Dear Father in Heaven,

It is my wish that everyone is doing well tonight and that many souls are experiencing the rest we know that only you can provide. I pray that you have everything in control like never before and that you send many signs and new ideas to our present focus. I pray that you really speak through me this winter and that you help me on my walk to becoming a successful worship leader who is able to communicate with you and who has a strong everlasting relationship with you. I pray that I am living up to your expectations and I pray that if there is anywhere that I can improve that you let me know. I also pray for the church family as well as those around the world who might be looking forward to more from what’s been going on at the mansion church. I also pray for my pastor and my family as we continue to move forward on our walk to sanctifying ourselves with you. God I pray that you really bring new ideas and new thoughts into our present moment. Help us to live successful lives solely for you. Help us to find routines that work where we are working on your behalf and spreading the powerful scriptures that are in your holy word of God. I pray that anyone I met along that way is not experiencing any type of condemnation with the relationship I have with them and if they are that you would help me to clear that. I also pray for the forgiveness of any past, present, or future sins. Help to keep me sinless so that I may be able to walk as a good example showing others what the scriptures are saying to us.

I also pray on your behalf tonight for you, God and I pray that you just really give us strength to keep the whole armor of God on, and to remain calm, slow to anger, and to keep our focus on you as we prepare for bigger, better, and brighter thoughts, ideas, and movements in the near future. I also pray that you continue to renew my mind and I just pray that you remind me daily how important it is to avoid sin and to keep our focus on you. I pray for the deliverance of tough times. And I pray that you really take us on new journeys in our lives. I also pray that you connect us with those in our lives that may be good for us. I pray that you bring forth new songs, albums, movies, ep’s, and blog posts, stories and more in 2022. And I pray that all that you do bring forth glorifies you and keeps your holy name held high above all other names.

In Jesus name, Amen.

In continuance to that blog post...

               What a great year 2021 was. The time has come to really expel a lot of gratitude and marketing on behalf of the church I’ve been attending. After really putting a lot of time and effort into songwriting, I’ve really been excited to share what exactly I’ve been up to lately.

               Having released How Great Thou Art in February, I’ve really been wanting to release something as a follow up to the powerful album of hymns. The hymns act as a sort of meditation. And I think ultimately, starting a new website, or even transforming the website I currently have is something that I have been wanting to do lately.

               It’s been a lot of fun thinking of new ways to provide the listener with something that is going to create the same effect that How Great Thou Art creates. A re-release of How Great Thou Art is definitely something that I want to do before long. Having done a lot of recording over at the studio, we’re gearing up to release an E.P.

               Ultimately, for me, it comes down to praying, stay true to the word of God and really going deeper with the scriptures. I’ve found myself picking up my bible and reading the word of God. I find that when I do this I’m really able to tune into the old singer songwriter who worked on those 2 EP’s from 2009 as well as Waiting on the Tide To Change and the Recordings on a Farm. The scriptures are really refreshing because it reminds us that we have all the time in the world to write music. I remember when I first started to discover the word of God, I realized that this is something that you can only push into infinitely. It’s been a lot of fun reading Max Lacado’s, anxious for nothing, as well as listening to various different messages from Adrian Rogers to Charles Stanley. I really feel like the scriptures are there for us to realize there is no limit to how we go with God. It’s been really exciting to see how the songwriting has propelled since practicing recording various audio samples of me simply reading the scriptures. I find when I start to read the scriptures, I jump to other scriptures, and before you know it I’m attached to the powerful word of God. In return, what I’ve been doing is grabbing the pen and writing whatever it is comes to mind. For me, the most peace that I’ve found is realize that God gives us an infinite, endless, amount of time to work on music, and realizing that he actually has power and control of time itself. I really feel like, as the Hymn What A Day That Will Be, might paint, that God is really excited to release us from our current state, so that we may have access to the eternal life promised in the scriptures, and start to experience what its like to no longer be subjected to the clocks on the wall or the watches on our wrists. No longer, will we be accustomed to the hands on the clock going round, but rather we will have been free’d from the chains of life, and in the presence of our God where he will be glad to speak with us one on one and probably even teach us some more about writing music.

               So without getting to carried away, what I really want to talk about in this blog post is what I’ve been doing in my spare time to gear up for what is to follow after the release of How Great Thou Art, as well as talk about how God and the scriptures have been helping me with my songwriting.

               For me, I’ve been really looking forward to sharing some of the ideas I’ve been drawing on paper. Here are some pictures as follows…

               Pretty soon, the songbooks will be finished, and in the meantime it is my goal to really have some accessible merchandise on hand and ready at the launch of the new website.

               As far as songwriting, it has been really refreshing to tune into the old techniques and mechanisms that I used to use when it comes to writing the music. Having attended a songwriting workshop last night, live on the internet, I was really able to learn the importance of the lyrics. How that first line is really important when it comes to writing songs. The workshop taught me a lot about the importance of the lyrics as well as the various different verse, chorus, bridges, and more. As I gear up to blog more about how prayer has been helping me in my daily walk to really write new music, as well as the process of writing a song in and of itself.

               For me, I was writing so many various ideas, which I will be sharing here with you shortly, and I knew that it was time for me to really reimbarked on journeys related to the past, where, coming back to the ideas of repetition are really important. For me, I was able to remember how the standard structure of a song, including A (verse), B(chorus), C (Pre-Chorus), D (Bridge), E (Outro), etc. are really important. I love how the verses and choruses and bridges all become so important and attaching a letter next to each was very helpful for me. I am also seeking more guidance and teachings when it comes to this. I almost am seeking a songwriting coach or someone that I could help to co-write with. For me, I wasn’t quite there when it comes to remembering what techniques I used most when writing songs such as Sunny Day or After the Rain. For me, repetition is definitely key. I think what I came to the conclusion of this time around, cuz we have Peace all recorded and ready to be released, but without releasing Peace, and just focusing on new songs in and of themselves, for me it’s simply the repetition. Realizing that there are a lot of ideas in regards to the songs themselves, that are building up, so I think for me, its really important to basically just repeat the songs. Weather the repetition is simply at a desktop, just typing out the songs, and really finding a good basis for the lyrics, or writing them on a tablet or even a notepad. I think this process of really writing the song down a few times, helps establish the structure of the song, and therefore you can start to alter the word play and add various different ideas or lines that you are fond of as the process continues.

               In conclusion, I’m just so grateful that 2021 was such a good year. I’m really excited about How Great Thou Art being on iTunes and I’m really happy with it. I’m definitely doing my best to get some merch items out there and ultimately, I’ve been so excited to share some of what’s been going on at the Mansion Church and at home and stuff. There have been so many prayers, all kinds of various messages and even these really cool sessions learning and practicing the memorization of new scriptures. There has been a lot of conversation of really just starting almost like a new website to really market, promote, and advertise the Mansion Church.

I really think you guys are going to enjoy some of the new ideas and sounds we have in store for you. It’s never too late to get out there and start promoting our powerful and compassionate Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. This blog post and any future songs or messages you might here all go for our wonderful and mighty God who loves us to an extent that we can’t even begin to comprehend. So thank you God for helping me on my journey to sharing new sounds and messages with the world. I truly believe that we surrender our lives to God and ask him to take control of our vehicles that he does so in such a way that we couldn’t even or imagine or comprehend the love and the ideas that he has stored up for us. God bless you and may your 2022 be filled with many blessings and answered prayers.



Friday, January 7, 2022

January 7th Blog Post

 Hey everyone. Hope everyone had a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. I'm excited to share with you some of the songs I've been working on. Here's a little but about what's been going on before I share some new sounds...

The date is 1/7/2022. All has been going  well for quite some time. I’m really looking forward to sharing my new songs and I think that using the blogging platform has been really helping me to write new songs. I also created a new website where I’m going to be uploading my messages that I started doing in the fall regarding the word of God. I really thinking praying and journaling has helped ease the stress and tension surrounding the songwriting and therefore I’m really excited to get these blog posts and new songs and more out there into the world, so we can make it a really good 2022 complete with new merch items, music videos, and even a How Great Thou Art 2.


Christmas went really well. I received books in regards to the word of God such as Anxious for Nothing by Max Lacado. The book is really relaxing and helps remind me that in scripture God tells us that there is nothing to be anxious about because in his word he promises to take care of us and promises to guide us in and throughout this life. I’ve also learned through my pastor and through reading the bible that God has a much bigger and better plan for us than we can even begin to realize here on earth.


I also received a book called Jesus Calling for Christmas and I have enjoyed reading that book every morning too. It often leads me to various scriptures in the bible. Going to bible studies and prayer meetings has been going well. I’ve been focusing on many new scriptures. I really like the scripture about how God crucifys the flesh. The scripture is in Galatians 5:24. There’s also a lot of new ones that I’ve been focusing on that have been helping me on my walk. I really like 1 Corinthian 3:13 about faith and works being tested by fire.

The songs are really becoming a channel for what’s been going on at the Mansion Church.

Sharing the new songs is a lot of fun because I’m able to go back on the songs and see just how the lyrics have become impacted by the Sunday Services. In my blogs I’m really excited to share the setlists that I’ve been creating at the Sunday Services. I’ve started in a journal jotting down all the hymns that were performed at the Sunday Service when it all started August 9th, 2021. Ever since, I have nearly eliminated sin from my life and continue to pray on a daily basis and ask for help on that walk. It has been a lot of fun writing songs and working with new ideas and thoughts when it comes to the topic of God as well as many other topics I’ve written on in the past, comedy, love, anything I’ve focused on.


This year 2022, I’m excited to really practice staying in rhythm. I remember when I was younger a lot of the pieces I would play that were written by Beethoven and Mozart and Bach and Chopin would help me to practice rhythm. Having one hand keep a rhythm while the other hand keeps a rhythm. This is something I think is important to incorporate into ones songwriting because it really exercises muscles in the brain and it helps us to stay focused on the task at hand. Warm ups with our focals, covering various different songs, rhythm exercises, these are all very beneficial to the every day songwriter. And in 2021, I really learned the power of Jesus’s teaching. Because all my life, it seems that I’m constantly searching for someone to teach me more about music or lead me into a new stage in my life, but in 2021 I really understand just how much Jesus is able to teach us and direct our paths and lead us to new places in our life, where we belong and ultimately I guess it is God who knows what is best for us.


The walk with God has helped immensely in my songwriting and as I blog, I’m reminded of the songs that I’ve written lately that I’m holding back from the world. Because I don’t want to overwhelm the listener and the reader. I want him to be in control of the blogging and the songwriting and whatever it is I’m releasing.


So in this blog post, journal entry I’m going to take a break from writing and read the word of God and read some of the books I’ve been reading surrounding the word of God so I can try and get a sense of how God wants to control the music that I’ve been writing as well as the blogging and journaling and more and see how he wants to take control of this vehicle.


I feel like in 2022, the goal is really to find a routine that’s working in regards to being able to be a musician who is close to God.

I’ve shared a whole bunch of new songs to blogger and my weebly website. 

My goal is to really construct them and memorize them so I can move onto new songs. I have 2 albums planned for the next years and I'm starting up my Christian class very soon.

The first semester went very well and I really just want to be building fruit in my life. 

Everything has been going well. Scripture would say not to let any relationship experience any kind of stress or tension (site scripture).

I've learned we all share the same in Christ so doing messages has eased the songwriting immensely. 

Phil 2:5 - Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus.

Titus 2:15 - Speak these things, exhort and rebuke with all authority. Let no one despise you. 

Phil 4:13- I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. 

Writing songs and playing at the Mansion Church on Sunday has gone really well. Pretty soon I'm going to be sharing all the setlists I've done at the Sunday Services. Learning the hymns has gone really well. At the moment, I'm gathering prayer requests and praises so that we can keep praying for one another and celebrating when good things come our way. 

I'm really excited to have some final projects of these songs all wrapped up soon and working on them has been a lot of fun. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements in regards to the music, How Great Thou Art 2, and a lot of fun exciting things we have planned for 2022. 

God bless, and stay tuned!


Sunday, January 2, 2022

True Love

 True Love

Verse 1

Walking on this lonesome road.

Wondering when the day will unfold. 

So I hold my heart I hold it into my hands.

Verse 2

So I go with the flow.

But you know I just never know.  (line changes possible)

I just can't wait to stand with you on the streets of gold.


So are we living?

Or are we believing..


When all the world holds a true true light.

We find true love. 

True love. True love. True love.

Music makes me feel alright.

Cuz we have true love.

True love.

True love. True Love.

I feel alright.

Verse 3

So we know God made the tree's.

This song makes me feel funny. 

It's your path that brings me peace.

Verse 4

Tree's are green.

Tree's bring peace.

Love and peace

is all we need.

It's our love

that what tells us to just breathe.


So are we living. 

Or are we believing.


When all the world holds a true true light.

We find true love. 

True love.

True love.

True love.

Music makes me feel alright.

We have true love.

True love.

True love.

True love.


And it's alright.

Cuz we have a God.

That promises us.

Eternal life. 

Verse 5

When you pull uss's through.

What do you do?

Do you walk,

do you climb,

do you fly

to the next sign.

The Love Inside.

Or Just a Dream.

You mean so much to me.

Seven Lampstands

in the distance to create steam heece.

Unwinds a river.

The wheel you steer. 

You take us there with your hair.


Saturday, January 1, 2022

Love Runs Deep

Love Runs Deep 

recorded Wednesday Dec 29th, 2021

When I walk towards you I find peace and love.

I find thoughts aligning from God above.

When I walk towards you

My heart tends to ignite.

Like a fluttering flame.

Peace brings calm and insight.


Insightfully I dig so deep

To acknowledge your beauty and how you work in me.

You have a lot in store.

I’m praying for more.

I ask you to lend a hand.

And the evil one ignore..


Lpove light


Peace joy fine dimes…


God your word has immense power.

So much to say.

Let such a small hour.

One divine line

One natural thought.

Distinct and in love.

Just like we know you tought.

Teaching us peace gratitude sndf the saviors at hand,
Reaching towards you for more.

Asking for a different land.

Finding fire and falmes.

Music brought forth through a plane

Riveting spectrum scope.

Your music igniting love into our home.




Pasion and flames.

Fire and brimnstone again.

Music like lightening.

Reaching to the nearest depths and mountains.

Love focus peace and joy

All is well until the nearest heart is torn.

So keep me strong in your love.

=HErats best to be focused when focusing on above.

Nights like this we’;ll never forget.,

Remembering the good times.

Letting go of regret.

Asking for alight

And guidance to save us from our souls.

And bring into us a new spirit.

So we can let go of the old.


Cuyz the peace runs deep

And that love for me.

It’s the beginning and end

Its what you said to me

Ravishing heat and all this energy

This love I Have for you

This love you have for me.

I understand the words that come out of my mouth

I find peace feeling I’m born again somehow.

Hold on tight.

This one is bound to create change,


Recorded on 12/29/2021


Additional thoughts that were scrapped….

I know the power of the words in which I spoke,

I need more love to keep me from growing old.


Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Making the Table

Romans 8:1 

There’s a lot that I’ve learned and I’d like to change.

I feel like we’re starting from a fresh new page.

Sharing good news, putting a smile on your face.

Is what I’m destined to do… today is the day…


I look back and see failures and mistakes.

But they’ve brought me this far so I reiterate.

I remember to stay true

To thankful thoughts and to you.

So I reimbarked on adventures between just us two…


Todays a new day.

So thankful for the day.

Each moment a blessing.

SO many ways to create change.

I think deep to what I’ve learned.

And want to share more with you.

Todays a new day.

Each moment a blessing.


Grateful for the thoughts, and the words on each page.

Thinking from a far, how we’re destined to be.

All that you have done has taught me how to best be of help.

Teaching me new songs, your words are unlike all other ones.


Now, I’m in tune with what you have to say.

I take a step back and see this mess we’ve made.

I’ll gladly take your burdens. Your burdens to bare.

And so you gladly take my hand and take me to where.


Todays a new day.

So thankful for the day.

Each moment a blessing.

SO many ways to create change.

I think deep to what I’ve learned.

And want to share more with you.

Todays a new day.

Each moment a blessing.


Powerful words create power and momentum.

Lines come crashing down near fogged thoughts and energy.

Standing in the midst of a storm that is now calm.

You’re taking me to where I know I belong.


Moving through a sound, new thoughts coming about.

Lines are drawn, the energy like a dense cloud.

Moments made for love, to you I bow down.

Spinning on an axis, you write for each and every town.


Todays a new day.

So thankful for the day.

Each moment a blessing.

SO many ways to create change.

I think deep to what I’ve learned.

And want to share more with you.

Todays a new day.

Each moment a blessing.



Making the Table

Monday, December 27, 2021

Brighter Days

 Brighter days 


I’m waiting on another day 

I choose to be love in a world that never goes astray 

I wish for all the world to meditate 

And I think of you when I start to drift away 

Verse 1

When I think of you 

I feel like I relax 

Just another day 

We choose not to scrap 

all the promises

Keep us focused on the past 

Find new ways 

We choose not to slack 

The world sinks deeper 

we must be the light 

So we can walk toward futures 

To resonate the good we’ve done 

It’s our grace and 

Our past and present is in flames 

We go distant with grace and wish for more change


I’m waiting on another day 

I choose to be love in a world that never goes astray 

I wish for all the world to meditate 

And I think of you when I start to drift away 

Verse 3

Push towards a future 

We choose to let the day play 

Not in a struggle or a mess

But rather wishing for bright days 

Enjoy all the ways that the afternoon fades

Into brighter tomorrow’s 

Letting go of bad days 

But in the light 

We see the world 

We relax our grip 

And focus on the tide and if the 


Is eternal life

Then we walk towards a bright light 

Where we’re waiting on someone 

Someone every night 



If the world does change 

Then we focus not to be worried or discouraged 

But to focus on brighter days x3

If the world did change 

We’d have to rearrange

To find so blessed so we change 

So wait by the ocean 

Tide rolls in 

Blessings focus on what u don’t she’s 

Waters cold 

Temperatures rocked 

By me loving you 

Season change 

Hold on tight 

Roller coaster ride 

But there’s eternal life 

Bright land and sunny skies 

It feels like us 

We feel Alright 


Chorus (changed lines)

Goes The Way It Should

 Goes the way it should*

Poems from an evening with God (7in document 6 in recording) voice memos Jan 15 - present (waltzing towards your love)


On this brand new day 

I honor your love and grace 

Turning the page 

In a way I didn’t know you can 

Reaching no limits

When there’s room to grow 

Saved by grace 

Not of works of our own


Casting out demons 

Like only you can 

Today I honor 

What you did in the stolen land 

The hooks I bleed 

Are not of my own 

Musics made 

Bought and sold 


I found a sense of peace 

One only you can provide 

The world has changed 


I watch as you deliver 

And do the works you do 

I found peace and love 

In how your spirit moves 

Constantly calling 

In you for change 

I breathe in air at that 

And walk through the world you create 12/21

Gm C D (Em C G)

Em C G

When I think of love my heart tends to flutter. (Pour)

My love for you pours out like salvation while I stutter. (In the rain) (salvation in the world)

The books I read, not of my own.

The music I make, in your name, is bought and sold.

Each day, discovering something new. (A brand new thing)

Because of your love, I feel less blue. (We let the songs ring)

The waves of loves, encompassing me each day. (Night)

The music provides comfort, your word never goes astray. (Displaying what’s right)

Eb Bb F


I’m learning, I’m growing, I’m waltzing towards your love.

Gm Eb Bb


I’m singing, I’m dancing, I’m praising God above.

Cm Eb Bb

C D Bm E

And in my life, the music makes me feel good.

Am C#

The warmth from my savior, goes the way it should.

New verses:

(I search the love songs 

For lines that are about you 

I find in twenty fold (constantly), my heart pours so true.

You keep me moving 

My eyes have opened wide

From the world you take us out of in due time )

I’m learning, I’m growing, I’m waltzing towards your love.

Gm Eb Bb


I’m singing, I’m dancing, I’m praising God above.

Cm Eb Bb

C D Bm E

And in my life, the music makes me feel good.

Am C#

The warmth from my savior, goes the way it should.


C# C B Bb

Love everlasting 

You keep me from crashing 

Next to you I know it’s true 

Our love never goes astray 

But rather we tend to radiate 

Warmth you could mold in your hands 

The tempest, rages, my love cries out.

For God, our savior, in the nearest depths of mountains. (While writing my love is all about)

And the music, my love, for you never goes untold.

The stories written while music tends to unfold.

The days are numbered, your thoughts are all mine.

Says God, through pages, that intertwine.

The love, I feel, so strong and so true.(possible line change)

Never whining, nor crying, never feeling less blue.

C G 

I’m learning, I’m growing, I’m waltzing towards your love.

I’m singing, I’m dancing, I’m praising God above.

And in my life, the music makes me feel good.

The warmth from my savior, goes the way it should

Love everlasting.

The miracle around me is blasting.

But because of you, I know it’s true.

And my heart tends to go astray.

The music that’s made keeps me heart in flutter(afloat) every day.

Love everlasting 

You keep me from crashing 

Next to you I know it’s true 

Our love never goes astray 

But rather we tend to radiate 

Warmth you could mold in your hands 

I’m learning, I’m growing, I’m waltzing towards your love.

I’m singing, I’m dancing, I’m praising God above.

And in my life, the music makes me feel good.

The warmth from my savior, goes the way it should.


Seeing how your love is true 

I wonder what it will be like 

When I’m next to you 

The right people 

Create the right night 

When I’m next to you I get heavy inside 

You hold me tight 

And show me the light 

A leap from a spot in the universe 

A show drifts into the distance into the splendid night