Saturday, February 17, 2018

What Can Love Do? (The Demos)

What Can Love Do? (The Demos)

Hey! Welcome back to the blog. I'm excited to share with you the surprise I recently announced. Check out what I have to share with you.

What Can Love Do? (The Demos)
1.) Higher Than I've Ever Been
2.) The Audition
3.) Something About This Place
4.) What Love Can Do
5.) Love and rooms
6.) High In Love

Noisetrade: What Can Love Do? (The Demos) What Can Love Do? (The Demos)

The Drake Album Art:

I am sharing with you a handmade EP I made. The songs on What Can Love Do? are songs that were written after we recorded The Drake (update below). I wrote these songs about distance and how it feels to love and miss someone. The oldest song on the list, Love and Rooms, began to form on October 1st, 2017 after coming across an improv recording, recorded in 2016 titled something like Sunshine Can. The song is solely about love and was originally released to Soundcloud with the title, That Place. With Love and Rooms, I wanted to write a song that gets that message of love out there. After writing a few lines, I could feel where the song was going. By the second verse, I started to understand that I wanted the song to be about love. With lines like, "If love walked into the room, I'd write about it and share it with only you", I wanted to push the concept further and express how much I love you for being a reader, a listener, and someone who reciprocates the feelings. I go on to say "I'm gonna love you now" and "I'm gonna make sure that's all that I will be about". I like to remind myself to be love, and I think it's important we all do this from time to time. It's not always easy to be love. Sometimes people throw us off by making us angry or surprise us by telling us things we don't want to hear. Even in the downest of downs, I always jam out an old tune and listen to the message of love pouring out onto the track. It's my belief that if you write way more than you can even possibly comprehend about love, than you can look back on what you write and say, Wow it really is love. You can say look at this 120% amount of love that this track is about, and even if you're down, you can feel good that something good is coming soon. I just want to be love to the highest power. I want to surprise you by telling you good things, and allowing you to feel the love you're hearing, and then do something good for someone else. Just be love. Don't worry. I love you. I want to remind you this in every possible second. I will push myself to be that person.

So, Love and Rooms, is about love. Let me chat about some of the other songs on What Can Love Do? and then we'll get to The Drake update. Ok, so right off the bat, I want to quickly express my motivation in the What Can Love Do? message. What Can Love Do? is more than a handmade EP of demos, but it's also a continuing question I will be forming as we get closer to The Drake release. When the time comes to start touring, I would love to name the tour What Can Love Do? Because love can do a lot of things. Love can create inspiration, happiness, motivation, and good feelings. Love can be the highest and purest form of satisfaction for mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters. Love can change lives, and help people in need. I want this movement that I'm creating to start changing lives and lifting others up. I want the message What Can Love Do? to start a wave of excitement and energy. I'm going to continue to gather responses from the question What Can Love Do?

High In Love, just like Love and Rooms started forming on November 17th, 2017 after coming across another improv recording titled, What Are The Odds?, which was recorded in 2016. High in Love, is sort of like a canvas that has been splattered with paint. There are a few different messages in it from good things are coming soon to the beauty of someone you love. While working by the ocean in Prospect Harbor, ME, lines began to form about the ocean and traps that might be dropped from a lobster fishing boat. I was inspired every day that I was in Prospect Harbor by the ocean, and that reflected in the lyrics.

Alright, so it's about that time to talk about The Drake. The Drake has been pushed back a little bit. Updates, previews, and tour dates are subject to be released as time goes on. One of the reasons we have pushed back the release date is so that we can develop additional media and shows and make it a release that is complete with more than just an album. The release date for The Drake will be released as time goes on. As soon as the release date is confirmed, I will announce it. And I am going to try to make it so that announcement is released to you as soon as possible. Hopefully we can confirm the release date by the end of April.

Once the decision was made, I began to rack my mind of what I can do to satisfy you and give you something to enjoy in the meantime since a lot of people were under the impression that The Drake was going to be released this winter. What Can Love Do? came to mind shortly after announcing that I will be releasing the album artwork for The Drake. I had a handful of songs that have yet to be properly released, and I jumped to the idea of recording them as demos and posting them to song sharing websites such as, and What Can Love Do? (The Demos) was recorded with the same handheld recorder that recorded the demos for tracks such as Tell Me How and After The Rain. I've loved that recorder since I got it probably at the age of 16 or 17. The recorder is stuffed with old recordings and memories made in my hometown of Auburn, NH. I will retire it one day and give it to someone who needs it or can make use of it. For now, I will put it to good use as I'm now 28 years old and will be 29 on May 21st. So anyone, it's 11:51pm on February the 17th, 2018 and I can bet that you're probably excited for spring and warm weather. I really hope this release helps you to get there and puts an extra pep in your step for a while. After all, the world needs you and I think you rock! 

Thanks for checking out my new handmade EP, What Can Love Do? and The Drake Album Art I hope you guys enjoy the tracks. Keep on writing and stay positive. It's really not easy but music can be a very helpful tool that will help uplift, inspire, and change lives. I love everything you do and I am so excited to hear what else is to come. Focus on the now, go forth with love, and strive for greatness. Reach, reach, and reach again. You are loved.

To tomorrow,

Friday, February 9, 2018

What Can Love Do?

Hey, thanks for visiting my blog. I am so excited to share with you guys the new album we recorded last year. I will have some updates coming soon. I am planning on sharing the album artwork on the 18th, and along with that I will be updating you on how and when we will be releasing the new album.

A lot has happened since we recorded The Drake. First thing's, first, I have to note that I have found the writing process to be far more easy than in the past. The reason is because every time I open up a social media app, or visit YouTube, one of the hundreds of artist's that I met in New York City is releasing something new. It makes it easier because I'm digesting inspiration and having moments where I am excited, singing along, and just rockin' out to these tunes that I wish half of Bangor could be listening too as well. When all is said and done, thank you for being you. Thank you for working hard, playing your music, and continuing to change the world like you do.

I ran into some personal issues in 2016 that effected the beginning of 2017. I will tell you guys more about this later on when these issues are a thing of the past. However some of them are still borderline current, and I won't be ready to talk about them for a few years. But the music won't stop, don't worry.

I took a break from writing near the end of 2016 and picked it back up in August of 2017. As soon as we started recording, I started writing. New songs started to flow, and I am trying to build up enough songs for another release not long after we release The Drake.

Here is a list of songs that were written in 2017 that did not make it on The Drake, with the exception of 2 tracks.

1.) Something About This Place
2.) The Audition
3.) Take My Pain Away (made it on The Drake)
4.) That Place (needs a new song title)
5.) High In Love
6.) Higher than I've Ever Been
7.) Your Time (made it on The Drake)
8.) Scream
9.) What Love Can Do

I love music, and I always try and push myself to work harder than I possibly can at achieving my goals. Note that I started writing again in August, so this year I hope to double or maybe triple that amount of songs.

This is going to be a good year, I can feel it. I plan to head to Los Angeles and explore the music scene there. There's also a lot of really good schools there. I definitively want to look at some.

Alright, so Feb 18th, album artwork... I plan to get my website up and running, maybe this March. I have had that on the back burner for a  while and now I can feel that I will be getting around to that soon.

I recently watched a video where an artist discussed his favorite track on his latest album. I loved how this person did that because it helps you understand what song(s) the artist is most passionate about.

So here we go.

Favorite song off
Waiting on The Tide To Change..
-Something Else

-Those 3 Words

Live at the Shrine World Music Venue
-Just a Dream

-Addiction to Love

All time favorite song that I've written:
Quiet Day

The Drake:
Something in the Way You Move

Quiet Day was the first song that I ever wrote. I wrote it in Keene State College, and I remember the first time singing at Rail Road Square with Djembe extraordinaire, Zach Stevens. Quiet Day is about pain and agony, while still staying true to that message of love, with the lyric, "I know you're out there." That line is about my belief that true love exists. And when you fall into it, it is the most incredible thing that you have ever experienced. I know there is someone out there for me. Maybe it's you, with your beautiful eyes, as you read this blog post. lol. I just believe in true love. I really do.

I'm going to wrap up this blog with the lyrics I have re written for the chorus to a new track, What Love Can Do.

"You drop it all cuz, something new is coming soon.
You cross the states with your date, you're arriving in June.
You feel just like you took a drug, warm feelings start to flood you.
This is what love can do."

Feel free to message any lyric ideas that you have. I honestly want to start like this new phase or stage in my life and name it What Can Love Do?. I want to take it to the next level. Change my username to What Can Love Do?,  get my website up and running again under the URL I want this to be bigger and better than anything I've done before. I want to go around and ask people every day, What Can Love Do? Hey, if you want something bad enough you'll get it. So this is my new thing. What Love Can Do. What Can Love Do? What do you think? Tell me today.

Peace guys,

You Rock!!


Tuesday, November 22, 2016

You and Me Together

You and Me Together

G    C         Am      D      G
It's you and me together floating through the happiness.
It's you and me together to and fro without a rest.
It's you and me together.

It's you and me together chilling in the afternoon.
It's you and me together riding carpets to the moon.
It's you and me together.

Am      D          Am          D            A         C        D
Writing stories for a pawn.
Hollow mountains from a far.
Take these stories, and toss them too the stars.

It's you and me together floating up and too the stars.
It's you and me together teleporting through the bars.

Monday, October 17, 2016

The Industry (Taxidermy)

The Industry (Taxidermy)


I walk to the taxidermy it takes me down to city hall
I see a girl and notice she has got it all
And I walk into the barbershop where I need to get a haircut
They talk about a sale they've got and I talk about all this love.

You walk into the pawn shop and then I walk into the store.
You find me at the groovy tunes that ripple as I am never bored.
And we talk about Judy and Jackie and Jilly
And we walk into eachother finding eachother at home.

Edits and formations being made

It's been a while since I had been in that store said hey what's up?
She said well look at that hair, said babe can't get enough.
I said it's time for a good chop won't you give me some love
She said I will put it on ya if you give some more of your love


I say I don't know, look at all this.
I may my way to downtown Nashville, Tennessee
I walk towards a beautiful bar that i can see
i walk through the double doors that slap me on my cheeks
it sends me forward at high speed into the wall
i crash into a pool of alcohol
I look to my left and see a bar complete with all these drinks.
They say look up at the stage someone is singing to you.
I'm asked do you want to play a tune, and jam out one.
That's how I got my start in the music scene.
That's how I got my start in the music scene.
That's how I got my start in the industry.
That's how I got my start in the music scene.
Yes, that's how I got my start in the industry.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Comic Relief Poem

Hey you guys, I want to go ahead and post a poem that I wrote not too long ago. The poem is inspired by health, love, and progress. Having worked at life changing jobs like Jamba Juice, I have been extremely cautious and focused on my health. I drink multiple fresh smoothies that Jamba Juice taught me to make a day. Smoothies that are high in antioxidants, vitamin C, protein and all of the good necessary nutrients and vitamins that are essential for making the body work best. I've noticed an improvement in, not only the amount of love I spread, but also the music that I make. It has been a real pleasure returning home and listening to all of your music. Music helps so much in life and I have always been a huge fan of its many blessings and the way that it helps.

So without further adue, I want to go ahead and share this poem that I wrote a few months ago. It has shown up in countless songs that I have been writing and I keep doing my best to memorize it. I think it's flow and natural process is attractive and catchy. Check it out... I call it my comic relief poem.

I dance where I type.
Easily comes natures wings. 
Leading me to the infinite wisdom within is progress.
Blinded by the light, I further toward the eye of the storm.
I believe I can make it.
Strong and focused, I work with passion and suddenly I land.
Strong and cold, and burning force keeps me moving.
Ever so softly, do I start to ponder and wonder.
Suddenly, I am released.
Pain and suffering, no more.
Just simply love. Pure love, just love.

Lost goes a poem.
Never before have I been here.
But what it is is deja vu.
You and I both, alone, no one else.
I eat through the afternoon, and feel drenched by salt and water.
I lean in and you zip through.
There she is.
She arrives at my door.
Through galaxies of a kind,
we find ourselves in heaven.

The time has come.
I am no longer a stray.
I feel illuminated.
I dream of life, and vanish before your eyes.
Where I was no more.
How I enter, I feel bored.
Beneath is an echo.
Above is a sign.
Together we climb, climb, climb.

Where we were no more.
And where we're headed, just love.
The echo shakes and the thunder roars.
My power is you and you are free to roam.
With freeing hands we feel the most.
What is bad has gone and what is most is soothing.
Where the line is drawn, I stop.
Where I reach, I feel there.
It has taken years, but I am there.
It feels natural and a rhythm begins.
I am free.

Freedom has over taken me
And we feel as though we are complete.
Pain is no more.
Just honest love.
Leading me to the light.
Arriving is God
Beneath the echo groans.
And the thunder roars.
Where there is lightning.
Yet all is still.


Stay tuned for album 6.
Start up the hype!


I Think It's You

Hi Everyone!

I am very grateful that lately I have been finding the peace and serenity to start piecing together all of this music. I actually have a few albums that I might be releasing this fall as a way to just keep the music up and keep things positive and moving.

The first album that is coming along here contains 12 tracks, with some that might call a bonus track! The twelve tracks for album six are as follows...

1.) Something In The Way You Move
2.) Climbing a Mountain
3.) Take It Off (lol)
4.) I Think It's You
5.) Due Time
6.) Taxidermy
7.) Sunny Day
8.) My Drug
9.) Love Rap
10.) Seal My Fate
11.) Beach Ball
12.) Sweet Melancholy Romance

Now with that there are few songs that started make there way through the love waves last spring that were titled Comin' to Nashville, Down and out in Bunstein, and the mega hot and sexy, At My Door (In Heaven). :-D

Ok, so without further adue...

Here is a track that is making it's way to the surface. This one is titled I Think It's You...

I Think It's You
So here we are, another session is love with the past.
A day goes by and it all seems to move, very fast.
Love has found me, so I take a high road in hopes, it can last.
All morphs into a delicate dream as I lay, on the grass.

So I think the time has come to let you know.
I think that time has come for me to show.
I think the time is here to let you know.
That I think, well my love.
Yes I think,
well I think it's you.
I think it's you.
Oh my love, I do.
Well I think it's you.

So the seasons change, and the rippled waves they run, through the tide.
And it always seems like I'm running out of precious time.
But I know love will find me, and so I know that we will be alright.
Which is why I take this time to say that, my love.
Well I think it's you.

I think it's you.
Oh, I do. I do think it's you.
I think it's you.
I think it's you.
Oh, I do.
I do think, my dear.

Well you see, life it changes the weather warms, and we manage to stay in tune.
Vibrations of happiness, flood us and it all seems to bloom.
All the ways to tell you how I feel, and how I think that we can change for good.
They all manage to push through.
Rabbit Hole, here I come for you.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Record Prep

Hey everybody!

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog.

It has been far too long since we last spoke.

Lot's of new things are happening, and I'm most excited to announce a set list that recently happened at Pianos.

1.) Listening
2.) Remind Yourself
3.) Everything You Need and more
4.) Magazines
5.) Listening
6.) Freedom (Jennifer Sullivan Cover)
7.) Heaven or Hell
8.) Quiet Day
9.) Nothing is Real
10.) Hey
11.) Why Don't We Do It In The Road?
12.) Song To You
13.) Comfortable
14.) Addiction to Love
15.) Road to Redemption
16.) (Hidden Track)

The show went flawlessly. I have been very busy writing and recording and I am stoked to get some new music out into the airwaves.

Throughout the months here, as the seasons change, I will be leaking tracks from the new record, and letting y'all know what I have been up too.

Unfortunately, in Nashville, my lap top was stolen from me, which through things off for me a bit, and I am currently trying to land back on my feet. If you are reading this, from my lap top, or you have any leads to my missing lap top, please do send me an e-mail at

Anyhow, the missing piece, has created a determination within me to express my feelings over the internet and talk about all that has been going on. Lots of songs have been written. And I mean, LOTS! That's why, I really want to just start writing and expressing my thoughts and feelings. I feel like, the more lyrics, I write here, the more I can start to incorporate new poems, and lyrics into my songs. So read, as we morph into a creative and more appealing thought process. Love, is all around, as it always is, and always will be. And the excitement of new journeys and adventures have made life get easier and easier.

Throughout the months, I have been writing songs that you have not heard such as Waitin', The Secret, Comin' To Nashville, Under The Sea, Sequels to Strummin' and One Thing is For Sure, They Do, Melinda, Magazines, Hats, songs that have slipped through the cracks, Ask Why, Tomorrow, Classroom Symphony, lol... It's all here, it's all in my inbox. Oooh, one of my favorite tracks, Names of Instalove, inspired by John Lennon, Janis Joplin, and Johnny Cash. It has been a journey, kickin back at home writing new music. Let's put some of these new songs into perspective. I've been dying to compose these tracks for a while now, and it seems that I've focused more on recording more and more songs, rather than focusing on composing. I keep saying, oh yeah, I'm going to tab that song tomorrow, and then, it just doesn't happen. This week and throughout the next few months, I am going to be pen to the paper, putting these songs in ink, and really letting some of them leak out. Thank you for listening. Let's get to it.

Listening, originally published to facebook as a riff inspired by Strawberry Fields Forever, turned into a beautiful song, whose lyrics were handed to me through the form of a poem. The poem was given to me, from my dear cousin, Alison. Alison, with effortless skill and flawless talent, has a passion for writing poems and writes naturally and without worry. I love Alison, because she was really able to tune into The Secret of life and lend us the key to it. What is The Secret?

The Secret to living, is not to stress. The Secret, is simple. The Secret, is a conversation we all find ourselves in awe over, time and time again. Whether we realize it or not, conversations regarding the secret keep re occuring throughout the world, leading us into temptation.

The Law of Attraction

The famous book

The movie

These are all thought of and brought up when discussing The Secret.


The Secret by my cousin, Alison Small.

That is the most beautiful poem that has ever been sent to me.

It sends goosebumps down my spine.

Like no one's listening. As we dream. No one listening, is as it seems. What's the secret? Why are we here? Make a wish on a shooting star. Cuz we all want to know about that paradox, We have it in our blood, to grow with the tide.

The wind is billowing. Are you listening?
The leaves are rustling. Are you listening?

Tune into, the love, and let your thoughts go.

Cause experience, is what makes us.
We are our choices and our mistakes.
 If we don't take chances, we'll regret it when it's too late.

We are building up, the climax, and the poem is sensational.

Alison's ability to draw the listener in, with ease, and agility, astonishes me. Naturally, tuning into a zenful atmosphere, Alison, inspired me to write, and gently held me as I fell in love with her poem, and songwriting.

Looking at the sky, wondering why we're all here.
What's the secret?

What's the bigger plan?

Who has the answer?

I love Alison's poem so much, it gives me tons of goosebumps.

These are the questions and the themes that we should be getting at. I feel like, these thoughts and suggestions, are bringing us closer together, and helping us on our journey. Alison has the answer. And while, I am not ready to give it away, I applaud Alison in her sensational poem, and thank her, dearly.

There's no doubt in my mind, that these next few months are going to be intriguing with feelings and love, as we all fall in love.

The comedian, in me, is working up many brilliant Comedies.

Leading up to the elections, my songwriting has lead me to write songs about the upcoming election. I've written A Trump Song and a Thanksgiving Comedy.

Even, with my comedy which will one day be completed and released, about The Donald, I still am deciding, just who exactly I am going to be voting for this November. I know many of my fellow NYC friends have gotten me to want to vote for Bernie Sanders.

The creative love, inside of me, is looking forward to expressing, what this is, love.

After all, the melodies are there, and the ones that were good, are still there.

Since you have made it this far, I feel like, it's a good time to let you know that I do have All For You posted at www.zacharyrobinson, . As time goes on, we are gearing up for the release, which I do have an Album Title Leak!

The album is going to be self titled: Zach Robinson!

Your ideas drift on the page, through a leaking marker.
Painted in blue, red, and gold.
They make there way to and from, page to page.
Past turns into present leading us to the future.
And you're onto something when you know.
Relax the mind, and enter into a wild unkown.
While life beckons, a fleeting heart loves her.
And so you reach into the sky, and call for love to pour.
Each, wave wonders, each light ponders, and each soul breeds.
Where there is love, there is a light, and it leads.
You hear the sound, and so you crawl, simply to enter.
Over a hill, your soul's in tune, while your head wonders.

Songs, upon songs, yet to be fully scribed and yet to have made it.

The book of love, has also begun.
While many of it's pages, are left with Mr. Asus, maybe Mr. Asus made it to this page and wants to e-mail me that book that I started.

(Write more song lyrics to the songs that have been written)

So, not too long ago, I got an e-mail in my inbox, with an updated track list. As you may have heard, we are getting ready to release a record.
Now, I do not want to give too much away...
But here is a track list that was sent to me.

1. Loving
2. Addiction to Love
3. Blue Jeans
4. Never too Late
5. Moments
6. Trump Song
7. Road to Redemption
8. She Said
9. Hats 
10. They do
11. Beehive
12. Just Breathe
13. Music

The track list helped me in so many ways.